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Process Safety
  • Process Safety
    Process Safety
    A fundamental principle within the company is that we must develop and operate safe processes.
    Processes are risk assessed as to the potential hazards, such as the thermal behavior and gas evolution properties of the chemistry, thermal stability and electrostatic properties of materials in the isolation steps, and exposure risk upon handling.
    Process Safety Screening and Scale-up
    There is a clear linkage between need for safety data and scale-up, and this is the main driver for reaction safety screening work. Typically triggered once a process moves to past 100g scale, the safety screening work is carried out and the key data we obtain can include.
    ? Reaction Onset temperature
    ? Adiabatic temperature rise
    ? Total heat of reaction
    ? Time to maximum rate
    ? Self-accelerating decomposition temperature
    ? Pressure increase rates
    ? Thermal stability of isolated materials
    ? Percussive stability of isolated materials
    Operational Hazards Evaluation Even the safest chemistry can be hazardous if not controlled properly in operations. To ensure that safe processes are run in a safe way, all processes that go on into our manufacturing facility undergo a through risk assessment to create of operating instructions with a strong basis of safety. Operators are also trained prior to working on the process in the plant.
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