About Raffles
Based in Guangdong China, we are enabling our pharma and fine chemicals clients to achieve more.   
From early stage development to product launch, we support companies around the world.
In addition to the broad variety of molecules we provide, have built focused capabilities in a few select areas. 
Learn more about our existing sites in Guangdong China, and our new manufacturing site in progress.
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Sharing our experiences with industry events and publications.  
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Want to connect with someone about a molecule? or looking for your next career opportunity?
Raffles' Sponsorship at the 3rd Annual R&D Sourcing & Procurement Summit Boston,MA

Raffles is proud to be a Sponsor of the 3rd annual Advanced R&D Sourcing and Procurement in Boston.www.advanced-procurement-in-pharma.com
Only 2 weeks to go, and looking forward to it. 

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