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Based in Guangdong China, we are enabling our pharma and fine chemicals clients to achieve more.   
From early stage development to product launch, we support companies around the world.
In addition to the broad variety of molecules we provide, have built focused capabilities in a few select areas. 
Learn more about our existing sites in Guangdong China, and our new manufacturing site in progress.
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Custom Synthesis Service(CSS)
  • Custom Synthesis Services (CSS)
    Custom Synthesis Services (CSS)
    We differentiate the Custom Synthesis operation from process development due to the drivers from the customer and the need to have a dedicated team of specialists. When customers need small amounts of unique compounds, and often several at a time, with short lead times, our CSS team is the one to deliver.
    Speed and delivery of larger numbers of individual compounds are the focus of this dedicated team of CSS chemists.
    ? Experienced and dedicated CSS team
    ? Mg to gram quantities
    ? Quick and reliable synthetic routes used
    ? Use In-house LCMS and NMR for quick target verification
  • Early Discovery Support
    Early Discovery Support
    The pathway to a lead compound can require larger numbers of unique compounds to aid in the exploring of an area of chemical space. Our CSS group can play an important part of this journey.
    ? Quick preparation of analogues/derivatives.
    ? Parallel reaction blocks
    ? Impurities ID and preparation.
    ? Metabolites preparation.
    ? Stable isotope analogues.
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