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Based in Guangdong China, we are enabling our pharma and fine chemicals clients to achieve more.   
From early stage development to product launch, we support companies around the world.
In addition to the broad variety of molecules we provide, have built focused capabilities in a few select areas. 
Learn more about our existing sites in Guangdong China, and our new manufacturing site in progress.
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Chiral Molecules
  • Chiral Molecules
    Chiral Molecules
    When chiral molecules are needed, we utilize our experience in bringing a range of tools to bare on the challenge of producing enantioenriched compounds.
    The tools we employ include enzymes (biocatalysts), organocatalysts, classical resolution methods and chiral starting materials.
    To support the synthetic development work, we have a wide range of both chiral HPLC and GC columns, and an optical rotation testing machine. Allowing our chemists to get quick feedback on success.
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