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Based in Guangdong China, we are enabling our pharma and fine chemicals clients to achieve more.   
From early stage development to product launch, we support companies around the world.
In addition to the broad variety of molecules we provide, have built focused capabilities in a few select areas. 
Learn more about our existing sites in Guangdong China, and our new manufacturing site in progress.
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Amino Acid Derivatives
  • Amino Acid Derivatives
    Amino Acid Derivatives
    Un-natural Amino Acids
    Un-natural amino acids are challenging compounds to develop efficient routes of syntheses and yet are useful tools in drug discovery. We have developed expertise in the preparation of a range of alpha and N-substituted amino acids, with various protecting groups.

    Amino alcohols
    Chiral amino alcohols derived from amino acids are useful materials for installing enantioenriched functionality. We have developed expertise in processing amino acids to generate highly enantiopure amino-alcohols on large scale.

    Amino acid N-Carboxy-Anhydrides (NCAs)
    AA-NCAs are a widely used precursor for peptide synthesis. They’re simple in structure, however, the preparation on larger scale with high purity is a challenge. Raffles has tackled this challenge successfully. Note that many NCAs are unstable and so are typically made in response to an order, and delivered through a cold chain logistics delivery mode.
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